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    Database dataset from updating how about dating a widower

    Event Args e) private void delete Button_Click(object sender, System.

    Event Args e) private void modify Button_Click(object sender, System.

    This Lesson shows how to accomplish something in-between Sql Connection and Sql Data Reader interaction by using the Data Set and Sql Data Adapter objects.

    A Data Set is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables.

    I am writitng a program that uses a database as the backend and visual basic for the gui.

    I have created a table in the ms sql express that a user can pick from and record to.

    Dim str Select As String = _ "SELECT * FROM Categories" Dim da As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(str Select, cn) ' Set the data adapter object's UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE ' commands. Select("Category Name = 'Dairy Products'")(0) row("Description") = "Milk and stuff" ' Add a record. New Row( ) row("Category Name") = "Software" row("Description") = "Fine code and binaries" dt. For each row that is to be changed, added, or deleted, the parameters are replaced with values from the row, and the resulting SQL statement is issued to the database.

    It is the Sql Data Adapter that manages connections with the data source and gives us disconnected behavior.

    These are the mechanics of working with disconnected data.

    Because the applications holds on to connections only when necessary, the application becomes more scalable.

    Sql Client; private Data Set ds; private Sql Data Adapter da Parent, da Parent Child, da Child; private const String PARENTTABLENAME = "TBL0410Parent"; private const String PARENTCHILDTABLENAME = "TBL0410Parent Child"; private const String CHILDTABLENAME = "TBL0410Child"; // Table column name constants for Parent table private const String PARENTID_FIELD = "Parent Id"; private const String FIELD1_FIELD = "Field1"; private const String FIELD2_FIELD = "Field2"; // Table column parameter name constants for Child table private const String CHILDID_FIELD = "Child Id"; private const String FIELD3_FIELD = "Field3"; private const String FIELD4_FIELD = "Field4"; // Stored procedure name constants private const String DELETEPARENT_SP = "SP0410_Delete Parent"; private const String GETPARENT_SP = "SP0410_Get Parent"; private const String INSERTPARENT_SP = "SP0410_Insert Parent"; private const String UPDATEPARENT_SP = "SP0410_Update Parent"; private const String DELETEPARENTCHILD_SP = "SP0410_Delete Parent Child"; private const String GETPARENTCHILD_SP = "SP0410_Get Parent Child"; private const String INSERTPARENTCHILD_SP = "SP0410_Insert Parent Child"; private const String DELETECHILD_SP = "SP0410_Delete Child"; private const String GETCHILD_SP = "SP0410_Get Child"; private const String INSERTCHILD_SP = "SP0410_Insert Child"; private const String UPDATECHILD_SP = "SP0410_Update Child"; // stored procedure parameter name constants for Parent table private const String PARENTID_PARM = "@Parent Id"; private const String FIELD1_PARM = "@Field1"; private const String FIELD2_PARM = "@Field2"; // Stored procedure parameter name constants for Child table private const String CHILDID_PARM = "@Child Id"; private const String FIELD3_PARM = "@Field3"; private const String FIELD4_PARM = "@Field4"; // . Event Args e) private void Load Data( ) private void Create Data(int parent Rows, int child Rows) private void Update Data( ) private void create Data Button_Click(object sender, System.

    private void Update Many To Many Relationship Form_Load(object sender, System.

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